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Financial Documents

District Financial Information is posted here when it becomes available. Please be patient as some of these files are large and may take a few minutes to download.

The Budget primary objectives included the following:

  • Meet short-term Strategic Plan initiatives
  • Build Ending Cash Balances (Reserves)
  • Establish a contingency balance/plan for pool
  • Reflect interfund transfers in the budget for those enterprise funds unable to meet a balanced budget
  • Prioritize and fund specific capital expenses based on Capital Plan
  • Control Operational Costs
  • Deliver quality services and programs
  • Develop a pricing strategy that balances accessibility and revenue generation
The Foss Park District Board of Commissioners adopted a Strategic Plan March 18, 2020.  For more information on this plan click on the link above.
In accordance with Public Act 97-0609, Section 7.3 compensation reporting requirements, a physical copy of that report is available at the Foss Park District Recreation Center at 1730 Lewis Ave., North Chicago, IL 60064.
The Park District is a separate taxing agency than the City of North Chicago and follows the Illinois Park District Code.