Mission & Goals

Our Commitment To You!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Foss Park District (FPD) is to accommodate its culturally diverse residents with parks and recreation services.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Foss Park District is to provide exceptional park and recreational services to our culturally diverse community.

Value Statements


We will work to achieve the most effective and efficient use of our financial resources.


We will work to effectively inform the community.


We will be trustworthy and develop a good standing with the community.


We will project positive actions, appearances, and attitudes when interacting with community, board, and staff.


We will adhere to the mission, vision and values of the FPD.


We will work to make the best us of tax dollars.

Making a Difference

We will strive to positively influence individuals, families, the economy, and the environment.

Strategic Plan

The Foss Park District strategic plan for 2020-2022. The process relies heavily on community, Park Board, and staff perspectives and their knowledge of the North Chicago community. In addition, this strategic plan is being framed around existing initiatives the District has undertaken.

  • Align Programs with Community Needs
  • Provide Communication Tools that Welcome and Attract Residents
  • Develop Flexible Pricing Strategies

Financial Theme:

Fiscally Responsible
Increase Revenue
Prudent Financial Planning
Increase Program and Facility Revenue

Internal Business Theme:

Operational Excellence
Maintaining Operational Quality
Build Strategic Alliances
Develop Sustainable Practices

Employee Learning and Growth Theme:

Dedicated Staff
Create Job Value
Training Approaches for Educated Staff
Employee Learning and Growth Theme: Sound Management
Empower Staff
Quality Decision Making