Our Commitment To You!

Volunteer Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully so that you fully understand your role and duties as a volunteer.

The Foss Park District very much appreciates your willingness and commitment to donating your time and talents to this our agency. Volunteers make a significant difference and we thank you for your participation in any and all volunteer activities. As a volunteer, you serve as an ambassador of our agency and are expected to comply with applicable policies, procedures, and guidelines designed to maintain a positive image of our Park District and to facilitate safe and efficient use of volunteer services. Persons wishing to volunteer for the Park District must agree and comply with the following terms and conditions:

I agree to serve as a volunteer for the Foss Park District. I will observe the ordinances, policies and procedures of the Foss Park District while I am volunteering. I agree and understand that I am responsible for complying with supervisory directive from the Foss Park District staffer staff from other organizations who are jointly running any event/program which I agree to volunteer for. I understand that I may terminate my volunteer services for the Park District at any time and for any reason or no reason at all, with or without notice, and the Foss Park District retains the same right.

I understand and acknowledge that volunteers are not covered under the workers’ compensation insurance of the Foss Park District and that the Park District recommends that volunteers should review their own health insurance policy for coverage. I further understand that the absence of health insurance does not make the Foss Park District or any other organizations who are jointly running this event/program responsible for the payment of medical expenses not related to the volunteer services. I understand that the Park District does provide limited volunteer medical accident coverage for injuries arising out of and within the scope of my volunteer services. However, such coverage is excess of any other available health insurance and shall not contribute with it. Each volunteer is solely responsible for determining if he/she is physically fit and/or properly skilled for any volunteer activity. It is always advisable, especially if the volunteer is pregnant, disabled in any way or recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any physical activity.