The American Shore & Beach Preservation Association awarded the Foss Park District in North Chicago, IL the ASBPA Best Restored Beach for 2023. In late 2021, the Foss Park District Board of Commissioners issued $4,000,000 in General Obligation Park Bonds for the construction of the Foss Park Beach. Throughout 2022, the Park District collaborated with Shabica & Associates of Northfield, IL, the beach designer, and project consultant, as well as Michels Construction, Inc of Brownsville, WI, the construction company responsible for building the beach.

For nearly a century, residents of North Chicago and the Foss Park District have been unable to swim safely in Lake Michigan, while most communities in Lake County had access to the beach or a swimming pool. This issue persisted after the closure of the Foss Park Swimming Pool in the 1990s, depriving many residents of the opportunity to learn how to swim without leaving the community.

“Everybody is eager to swim, and now we can do so right in our own backyard,” said Foss Park District Commissioner Dr. Donna King.

The newly established beach within the Foss Park District is available to all residents, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for 2023. The ASBPA award serves as a testament to the resilience of the community.

“This milestone represents the first step in our community’s journey towards accessible swimming opportunities.” Said Foss Park District Board President Vance D. Wyatt

Kari Cowart, Foss Park District Executive Director, said, “We hope this new opportunity will bring more residents to our premier park on the shores of Lake Michigan, Foss Park, to enjoy all its amenities, including a new playground that is being installed.”

Foss Park Beach is open from sunrise to sunset and can be located at 1901 Foss Park Avenue, North Chicago, IL 60064.

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